Le Prix spécial du Jury Charles Ritz 2021 a été décerné le 10 novembre à la Fario e. V. représentée par son Président Martin Rahmel et sa Vice-Présidente Imke Teuffel von Birkensee avec les félicitations du jury.



Mot du Président de Fario e. V. - Prix spécial du Jury 2021

Le Mot du lauréat

The Charles-Ritz-Special-Award motivates us very much to continue working on the achievement of our goals: Good ecological conditions and continuity of our waters, healthy and self-reproducing trout stocks in Dosse and Stepenitz, and the sustainable reintroduction of Atlantic salmon in the Stepenitz system. Although we have already achieved some things, it will take decades to finally reach these goals. For this we need many helping hands and financial support. Hopefully, this internationally renowned award will help to enhance our progress.

We dedicate this award to those people who founded our club and support our work with their sweat, heart and time.




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