The Word from the President of the l'AAPPMA "La Haute-Thur" - 2017 Edition -

Thank you for this precious encouragement !

How prestigious and most honorable a prize for such a modest & small organisation like ours, AAPPMA de la Haute-Thur. Tiny fishing association, our Association Agréée de Pêche et de Protection du Milieu Aquatique gets bigger in regard of its dedicated men & the actions they undertake to restore the river habitat they are in charge of. It is our responsibility & duty to nurture & protect our local yet priceless asset, to be passed on to further generations in good state, full of wild & feisty brown trout. In that respect we manage the fish population inspired by eco-responsibility, our motto & know-how for the last 40 years.

Every year now and then, the Thur river is carefully maintained. Carriers & tributaries are kept fit for reproduction, banks are opened and redds brushed up to help spawning. Banks vegetation is also a key to a river in full swing to keep down temperature, fight invasive plants, remove too large debris while keeping desirable ones, fight bank erosion, keep access for the rods, and appeal to everyone with a glorious stretch of river.

Sustainable river & fish management also includes fish catch control and its adapted rules, not to forget to keep the public posted, aware, by our entertaining program to promote fishing amongst the local communities.

In order to achieve those goals we spend every year hundreds of hours of benevolent workforce, mostly done thanks to a faithfull team of 10 passionate river nuts and we need 3000€ to break even on expenses. The Prix Charles Ritz’s money will add to our budget what is needed to encourage our officers & members to continue taking care of our beloved river Thur. Thank you very much.


President of the AAPPMA